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March 28th Webinar: 3 Imaging Trends to Know

Join us on March 28, 2017 at 10:00AM EDT, for a Webinar featuring three trends imaging industry professional should know more about.

Leaders Index for MPS Channel Partners – a collection of partners that are the gold standard in managed print and document services. Find out what makes them different and how they are positioned to support the evolving customer needs of tomorrow.

Ink in the Office – timely information on the Inkjet printing transformation taking the office by storm. Driven by Pagewide technology and business Inkjet printers with large capacity ink tanks, find out why we believe Inkjet will supplant Laser as the office print technology of choice.

Advanced Analytics – it’s impact on the imaging industry and how it is being used to drive improved results and create competitive advantage. Find out how this is being used today, opportunities for tomorrow and Photizo’s role in bringing these game-changing solutions to market.

To attend this Webinar, please register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1474825905205277953


New Prospectus for MPS Loyalty Study

 Key Objective and Questions

The objective of this study is to provide accurate, and reliable data into which customers are switching vendors, and why they are switching vendors. It will address key questions including:

•  Which of your customer types are susceptible to switching and why?

•  Which of your competitors are winning customers versus losing customers and why?

•  What customers are not considering your brand, and why?

In today’s highly competitive market, this study is critical to ensuring your MPS program is profitable based upon winning contract renewals and avoiding competitive takeaways of MPS accounts at their most profitable point – in the renewal contract.  For more information please see the attached prospectus:  2017 Customer Loyalty Study