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We are Transformation Experts. We are passionate about guiding clients through times of disruption. We lead the exploration and discovery of emerging opportunities for you. Leveraging our global, multi-industry expertise, we provide the insights and market intelligence you need to connect with evolving customers, technology and new profits.

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CIO Advisory Services
Our Advisory Service is designed to provide cogent and expert leadership in managed print solutions, applicable to any size and type of organization. We provide a framework to enable immediate and lasting success, delivering business and organizational benefits year after year.

Value Creation For Manufacturers
We help companies shift from product-led to service-led business models. In markets characterized by change and disruption, we leverage insights and market intelligence to help clients thrive by aligning strategies with customer needs and capitalizing on emerging opportunity.

3D Printing
How is 3D printing going to affect our lives in the future? Fantastic applications of the technology have captured the public’s attention. Photizo Group knows emerging technology markets, and how 3D printing technology is changing the approach to production.

We examine digital output devices in home office to enterprise markets to analyze hardware products, market trends, and emerging opportunities to provide clients with thorough, actionable industry perspectives.

We analyze the imaging supplies market, including OEM and aftermarket ink, toner, and media to give clients the insights to make informed, strategically sound business decisions in a rapidly changing supplies market.

Digital Workflow
We provide clients with objective, deep analysis regarding the rate at which the market is shifting from paper to digital, including drivers and impediments to change, how competitors are reacting to, or even driving change, and what this means to your business.

Managed Print Services
We provide essential insights for the managed print services market to aid our clients in product and business planning, business development, market research, and sales and marketing.


  • Which Europe Are You Referring To?

    Which Europe Are You Referring To?

    Many colleagues and friends know that I spent nearly two decades living and working in Europe, mostly in international management roles. It was a fascinating and enriching time, and very occasionally I think it might be fun to go back… Read More »
  • Rise of the Business Ink Jet Machine

    Rise of the Business Ink Jet Machine

    For the past several years, we have watched as chart after chart shows the downward trend of the worldwide imaging industry. Whether you look at unit shipments, average selling prices, or revenue, most of the trend lines are down, some… Read More »
  • The Importance of Personal 3D Printers To The Growth of 3D Printing

    The Importance of Personal 3D Printers To The Growth of 3D Printing

    Last week, Photizo Group released its official market sizing and forecast for the low-cost 3D printing market, also commonly referred to as the “personal” 3D printing market. Some may be surprised to see a lucrative market opportunity emerging at such… Read More »
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