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HP LaserJet Customer Experience Study – North America April 2017

In an HP sponsored study conducted by Photizo Group, 2,002 users of HP monochrome and color LaserJet devices were surveyed about their experience using HP and non-HP toner cartridges. Overall, the research found that users are far more likely to encounter problems when using non-HP cartridges compared to Original HP cartridges. Important and key results included using non-HP color toner cartridges increases the chances of experiencing a printing problem by 30%. Similarly, using non-HP monochrome toner cartridges increases the chances of experiencing a printing problem by 54%.

The study objectives were designed to uncover and quantify the impact of LaserJet printing problems attributable to using non-HP toner cartridges as compared to Original HP toner cartridges. Specific areas assessed include:
• Types of problems users experience
• The impact of the problems and how it affects user productivity and contributes to the hidden cost
• Number of people impacted by a cartridge problem
• Printer downtime due to problems
• How much time is spent resolving poor print quality and cartridge problems
• How cartridge problems are resolved
• How many users outsource print jobs due to cartridge problems

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  • Major Challenges for the Industry
  • Business transformation, Servitization, what you need to not only survive but grow your business
  • MPS Opportunities and Challenges looking forward
  • Workplace of the future
  • Business Inkjets vs. office Lasers, who will win and why? How disruptive is the new breed of IJ printers, HP Pagewide vs. Epson line-head technologies
  • Channels – what changes do you need to make?
  • Measuring MPS Success – MPS Customer Loyalty Study, Photizo Leader’s Index
  • Looking outside the office printer box for growth and profitability
  • Printer Industry Use cases for Predictive Analytics



2016 Leaders Index for MPS Channel Providers Report

We surveyed a group of leading managed print services (MPS) providers throughout the world to capture a set of metrics central to MPS providers that we now call the Leaders Index for MPS Channel Providers. By studying these best in-class organizations, key insights are revealed. As a collective of providers, the Leaders Index allows trends and patterns to surface as verifiable best practices. The Report is now available on our Storefront.


New Prospectus for MPS Loyalty Study

 Key Objective and Questions

The objective of this study is to provide accurate, and reliable data into which customers are switching vendors, and why they are switching vendors. It will address key questions including:

•  Which of your customer types are susceptible to switching and why?

•  Which of your competitors are winning customers versus losing customers and why?

•  What customers are not considering your brand, and why?

In today’s highly competitive market, this study is critical to ensuring your MPS program is profitable based upon winning contract renewals and avoiding competitive takeaways of MPS accounts at their most profitable point – in the renewal contract.  For more information please see the attached prospectus:  2017 Customer Loyalty Study