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Category Archives: Blog

5 Questions That Can Reveal “Out of Control” Printing Costs

Posted By : Photizo Group on August 20, 2015

According to Photizo research, the cost of a company’s printing operations is generally between three and six percent of revenue. But how can you be sure? What is the actual cost of running all of your printers and copiers, and what impact is that going to have on your business?

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Best MPS Brands in 2015? Customers Speak.

Posted By : Ken Stewart on August 6, 2015

While other analyst firms are patting vendors on the back about their completeness of vision, we thought we’d explore the only opinion that really matters—your customers’ opinions (you know, the one’s with the checkbook). Starting with over 2,000 business customers, we pared our panel down to a little over 600 MPS decision makers who are […]

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Photizo Group to Sponsor and Speak at the Top 100 Summit

Posted By : Photizo Group on July 29, 2015

Photizo Group, market research and consulting firm in the imaging industry, is excited to sponsor and speak at the Top 100 Summit, September 25-27 in Park City, Utah. The Top 100 Summit, hosted by Print Audit, is a radical, new event, aimed at disrupting the office imaging industry. One hundred of the top dealers in the […]

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Predictive Analytics Webinar

Posted By : Photizo Group on June 30, 2015

Ed Crowley introduces the concept of predictive analytics, identifies practical applications within the imaging industry, and discusses implementation best practices and usage strategies.

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Imaging Channel Executives Speak Out on Seat Based Billing

Posted By : Photizo Group on June 18, 2015

There has been a great deal of buzz in the industry around “Seat Based Billing (SBB)” for Managed Print. The one thing that has always been missing is a recorded journal of the voice of the dealers. One of the opportunities I took when at Photizo’s Navigator event was to start documenting dealer excitement and concern over SBB. I made my session at Navigator a bit of a working round-table in which I asked dealers to list the reasons SBB could work as well as their thoughts on why it wouldn’t. With that many business owners in one place, it seemed the perfect forum to get past mere conversation and into something more concrete and measurable.

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My Take on HP’s Industry Analyst Summit 2015

Posted By : eacrowley on June 9, 2015

This week I attended HP’s Industry Analyst Summit (IAS), which was held in Las Vegas concurrent with the HP Discover event. This was a massive event, with over 10,000 customers, HP staff, partners, and analysts. This is the first year that HP combined their IAS event with HP Discover, their customer-facing event traditionally focused heavily on HP Enterprise products. I have several observations to share about what I heard.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Missed Navigator 2015 – Print Audit

Posted By : srowe on May 22, 2015

For those that aren’t aware Photizo completely changed the format for their annual executive gathering. The best way to describe the change is that it is a “distilled” version of Transform conferences. I say “distilled” because it was much smaller and far more potent. Think of it as a “boutique” event: Not for everybody, but for those lucky enough to be on the invite list, it was a gathering not to be missed.

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Imaging Executives Meet with the Goal of Disrupting their Own Industry – May 13 & 14, New Orleans

Posted By : srowe on April 21, 2015

Photizo Group’s new, executive meeting, Navigator is staged to draw executives and leaders from around the globe for two days of unconventional education, high-powered networking, and significant discussion, with the intention of driving disruption and innovation into the industry. Monotype, MSE, Print Audit, and Wipro are among the sponsors leading the way in innovation by […]

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Paperwork Impedes Patient Healthcare- Sometimes on Purpose

Posted By : Silena Thornsberry on April 16, 2015

A Ricoh Americas study found that hospital patients reported that the impact of paperwork on their care was that they spent less time with their healthcare worker, felt less connected, and many would rather use the internet for non-life threatening medical issues to avoid the burden of paperwork. Respondents also felt that hospitals that used […]

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Navigator vs. Transform (and every other industry conference)

Posted By : Photizo Group on March 17, 2015

Navigator Meeting goes beyond Transform, and every other conference, focusing on generating outcomes, rather than incomes.

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