Prinstagram: A Bit of Nostalgia Floating in the Cloud

by Ryan Kelly on

Recently I found out about Prinstagram, a service that delighted me. Offered by a company called Social Print, Prinstagram allows you to print photos directly from your Instagram account.   I am a huge fan of the photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I agree. I left […]


Service-Centric Business Opportunities: People

by eacrowley on

An overview of the people you need to successfully run a service-centric business model.  An expansion of the last installment of the service-centric business opportunities vlog series – Keys to Executing a Service-Centric Business Model.


IBM Unveils Cognitive Computing: Even Smarter Devices?

by Silena Thornsberry on

Technology companies are continuously pushing the envelope in order to make smarter products. An article in Information Week explains more about IBM’s announcement that they had created a computer chip that can work much like a neuron in the brain. This is particularly interesting to me because my bachelor’s degree is in psychology. Traditionally, computers […]


How Did You Score? Channel Partners Rank the OEMs

by Ken Stewart on

We learned a lot in our recent Channel Partner Loyalty Study for Western Europe, and thought we’d share just a bit of recent findings. We began by analyzing the current state of six OEM MPS programs, their capabilities, and their partners’ loyalty drivers and detractors in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (U.K.). We included […]


Which Europe Are You Referring To?

by Rob Sethre on

Many colleagues and friends know that I spent nearly two decades living and working in Europe, mostly in international management roles. It was a fascinating and enriching time, and very occasionally I think it might be fun to go back – for example, when we have visitors who stay for three weeks that go back […]


Rise of the Business Ink Jet Machine

by apriede on

For the past several years, we have watched as chart after chart shows the downward trend of the worldwide imaging industry. Whether you look at unit shipments, average selling prices, or revenue, most of the trend lines are down, some more than others. While working on Photizo Group’s 2014 ink and toner forecasts, which we […]


The Importance of Personal 3D Printers To The Growth of 3D Printing

by Scott Dunham on

Last week, Photizo Group released its official market sizing and forecast for the low-cost 3D printing market, also commonly referred to as the “personal” 3D printing market. Some may be surprised to see a lucrative market opportunity emerging at such a quick pace from a segment that has yet to really figure out what it […]


Just Plain Smart

by Mike Huster on

Fight of the Century. Thrilla in Manila. The Rumble in the Jungle. Most readers will immediately know these were some of the greatest fights involving Muhammad Ali and his competitors. These fights captured the imagination of millions of fans mainly due to Ali’s outstanding skills in and outside the ring. Over a decade after Ali’s […]


What OEMs Can Learn from the US Soccer Team – Lessons from the World Cup

by Daniel Hopkins on

For the past month, most of the world has been fixated on the World Cup. This soccer championship involves countries from around the globe and takes place every four years. This international classic has always drawn the attention of most of the world, but this is the first time the average American citizen turned their […]


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