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Page Wide Array Means Fast Times for The Imaging Industry

Photizo Blog Article

Daytona Speedway just opened a couple of weeks ago. St. Petersburg, FL is preparing for the Formula One race later this month, and page-wide array printers are zipping along on my desk in Florida.

It occurs to me as I look at the two printers sitting next to my desk, an HP Officejet Pro X 576W and a Memjet C3010, that I have more print speed in each of these devices than MFPs that would have taken up the entire room a few years ago.  I am getting used to the idea of hitting the send button and having the output there as I spin my chair around. It can be confusing in that the output comes out so fast and pretty quietly that I sometimes think I forgot to print the output.

But as fast as these machines are, the print quality and cost of printing are also key factors – yes, our research shows that “cheaper, faster, and better” are still the three most important factors in choosing a printer for most users. Though other elements, like fast scan speeds and access to data are gaining importance in some environments, the big three are still at the top of the list for printers.

We will be looking at these print aspects in our upcoming reports that analyze how these new page wide array ink jets fare against comparable lasers, including some feedback on print quality for different applications – it seems the definitive answer to what is “good enough” ”depends” upon the application.

In any event, it’s kind of fun to have a little excitement in the printer market, and I am enjoying the high-speed ride.



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