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Ed Crowley Presents in London at Dell Inspire 2012 Event

Photizo Blog Article

MIDWAY, KY, November 20, 2012— Photizo Group’s Founder and CEO, Ed Crowley, was a featured speaker at Dell’s Inspire 2012 event held in London. Inspire 2012 is a breakthrough event that aims to be entertaining, educational, and informative by featuring the views and insights on the industry’s most advanced professionals.

Geared toward IT directors, office managers, and channel partner principals, Inspire 2012 attracted industry thought leaders from throughout Europe, providing a tremendous networking opportunity for attendees and speakers alike.

On November 6, Crowley wowed attendees and organizers with a presentation geared toward the very important topic of where the imaging industry is heading and how to create opportunity through change. The presentation delved into topics such as MPS global market growth, technology “megatrends,” and competitive strategies.

“It was an honor to attend Inspire 2012 in London,” said Crowley. “To present, network, and converse with some of the imaging industry’s key players provided a unique opportunity for everyone.”

The conference kicked off with a powerful welcoming address by Dave McNally, Dell’s product marketing director for imaging, EMEA. In addition to Crowley, the program featured presentations by Phil Sargeant of IDC and Kevin Goffinet of Perceptive Software and a number of hot-topic breakout sessions.

“Inspire 2012 was designed to educate, inform, and above all to inspire new ways of working,” said McNally. “We view printers beyond printing, as part of a broader end-point device ecosystem, so we were delighted that Ed Crowley was able to join us to give a thought-provoking presentation on the myriad changes taking place in the industry and how to create opportunity through change. A stimulating and engaging speaker, he made a valuable contribution to the overall success of Inspire 2012.”

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