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Will Printed Pages Disappear by 2018?

disappearing page

Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) made a bold prediction and claimed that due to the introduction and usage of tablets, printed pages will disappear within four years. The IEEE stated, “The printer will be a thing of the past, and there’ll be no need for hard copies.” Kevin Curran, a technical […]


Changing the Paradigm: Why 2014 Won’t be the Same…

paradigm change

My first job out of college was about changing service delivery paradigms. I was hired into a start-up company in order to build an on-line research service. Today this doesn’t sound too paradigm shifting, but back in 1984, before there was an official “Internet,” it was pretty ground breaking. At that time, we did surveys […]


Creating Value In Manufacturing Using Additive Processes (3D Printing)

Photizo 3D

One of the most exciting and rapidly evolving ways to add value to manufacturing environments today is through the use of additive processes, referred most accurately in this context as additive manufacturing (AM), but today commonly referred to in a broader sense as 3D printing. Unfortunately, additive manufacturing has also fallen victim to some gross misrepresentations over the past two years due to a combination of media sensationalism and technology evangelism. It’s important to understand just what additive processes are capable of, and where they actually have the ability to add value to the manufacturing process.


Three Lessons in Employee Engagement


I recently had the privilege of receiving a personal tour of the GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation headquarters in downtown Cedar Rapids, IA from Doug Olson, vice president of the board and chief risk officer. Since 1992, GreatAmerica has built its business around providing top-notch customer service, a key differentiator in the leasing market. During my tour, […]


Are You Ready for a Brave New (Imaging) World?

Predicting the future is always risky, and in today’s fast-paced imaging industry, a number of dynamics are shaping its direction. As part of Photizo’s Digital Workflow Transformation Advisory Service, we are closely following a number of overarching trends, including the adoption of mobile devices and the impact of digital workflows hastened by younger generations in […]


5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Transform 2014

There are five reasons for you attend Transform Global 2014 Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Reason 1: Education The conference includes two pre-conference workshops and 25 high-impact sessions with the leading experts in the industry, great case studies, and thought provoking discussions. In fact, one of our attendees, the owner of a leading reseller said, “The […]


Americans Still Trust Libraries for Guidance in Digital Era

A recent Pew Research Center survey looked at Americans’ library use and found, among other results, that in spite of predictions that technology is making libraries irrelevant, technology users are actually also generally library users. The report is the latest in a series of library-related research surveys and the third of a three-phase effort undertaken […]

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