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       With more than 30 years of marketing and management experience, Ed Crowley is a thought leader in servitization, product development, strategic marketing and predictive analytics. Since establishing Photizo Group, a consulting and market intelligence firm dedicated to creating winning client strategies and execution, in 2006, he has successfully worked with OEMs and industry suppliers to develop winning and sustainable competitive strategies. In addition, he is an advisor to global enterprises such as World Bank as they look to optimize their print fleets and lower costs through outsourcing. Most recently Mr. Crowley has been pioneering the use of Predictive Analytics in order to help major manufacturers optimize their operations, reduce service costs, and maximize uptime.

Crowley has succeeded in establishing a list of blue-chip clients (including the top 14 printer, copier and MFP vendors), established the highly-acclaimed MPS Insights Journal, created a daily news service and Web site for the managed print services industry, initiated the Managed Print Services Association, produced successful MPS Conferences around the globe, provided over 80 reports and forecasts for the MPS industry, and positioned Photizo Group as the preeminent expert in the imaging market. Crowley has been instrumental in developing concepts and frameworks accepted as industry standards in Managed Print Services (MPS), including the Hybrid Dealer Model, Services Transformation Framework, and the MPS Customer Adoption Models. In addition he led his firm from being a start-up to being recognized with a MPSA Leadership award for three years (2011, 2012, and 2014) in addition to being on the Inc 5000 list two years in a row (2012 and 2013).

Before Photizo, Crowley was the senior manager in Worldwide Printer Marketing at Lexmark International. He led the team that defined and executed product strategy for the market segment representing more than $2 billion in revenues for Lexmark (more than 40 percent of total profits).  Crowley also made significant advances as the international development manager at VTEL Corporation, managing director at IntelliQuest, senior product manager at Texas Instruments printer group (now part of Tally Genimicom), product manager at DataProducts (now part of Ricoh) and market analyst at QMS (now part of Konica Minolta). Crowley has spent over 20 years in operational roles for leading imaging firms.

Mr. Crowley is a proven thought leader and innovator with a number of significant firsts to his credit. In 1985 he launched the first ‘on-line’ research service (FarmPulse) which provided free crop pricing, weather, and commodity information in return for large agricultural producers answer research questionnaires. This provided clients with 48 hour turn-around on ad concept copy and ad concept testing , which at the time took up to two months to conduct via in-person studies or mail surveys. In 1986 Mr. Crowley introduced the first secure print service – PrintLink – a secure FTP server launched by QMS. In 1988 he was the product manager for JOLT, the solid-ink technology developed by DataProducts which was eventually acquired and become the foundation for the Xerox ColorCube technology. He was also international marketing manager for the first mobile Telemedicine (videoconferencing) unit at VTEL. And finally, Mr. Crowley launched the first high tech decision maker survey research panel while at IntelliQuest. Mr. Crowley’s ability and experience in identifying promising new technologies, understanding applications of these technologies, and communicating the value of these technologies to potential customers.

Most recently, Mr. Crowley is leading Photizo Group into the field of Predictive Analytics. This is an exciting field of business optimization which uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data to drive proactive management actions. Mr. Crowley was one of the first individuals to identify the potential of Predictive Analytics for the imaging market. As one of the most highly connected industries with a massive installed base of connected and remotely monitored devices, the imaging industry has the potential to achieve massive gains from this capability.

Crowley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Missouri (Agricultural Economics Major, Computer Science Minor) and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Mr. Crowley is also an Executive in Residence at the Georgia State University Center for Business and Industrial Marketing. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in business at the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. He is also Certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP) and a member of the BTA, CompTIA and the Managed Print Services Association.


2016 Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing, “Predictive Analytics – What is 2% Worth?”, Chicago, IL (June 21-22)

2015 IBM Customer Event, “The Predictive Tsunami”, BMW Performance Driving Center, Greenesborough, South Carolina (November 2015)

2015 Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific cMPS Partner Conference, “The Evolving Opportunity in Services”, Seim Reap, Cambodia (August 2015)

2015 Aston Spring Servitization Conference, “Redesigning the Manufacturing Business Model for Services: Lessons From The Office Products Industry”, Birmingham, England (June 2015)

2015 Transform Conference, “Five things we didn’t get right! A perspective on the imaging industry”, New Orleans, Louisiana (May 2015)

2014 IMP Asia Pacific IMP Conference, “Are Japanese Firms at a Disadvantage?”, Bali, Indonesia (December 2014)

2014 Photizo Group Transform Europe 2014 Keynote Speaker, “An Industry in Transition”, Prague Czech Republic (November 2014)

2014 IMP Global Research Conference, “Understanding Servitization of the Office Products Industry using a Quantitative Grounded Theory Methodology”, Boudreaux, France (September 2014)

2014 Xerox Work at Office Event, “What is Good?”, New York, NY, USA (March 2014)

2014 Business Technology Industry Seminar, “What Does Good Look Like – The Leaders Index”, Sydney Australia (February 2014)

2013 NDDigital – MPS Revolution, “Building Your Services Business”, Sao Paulo, Brazil (July 2013)

2013 Photizo Group Transform Japan Co-Keynote with IBM, “Office Products Industry Transformation and Opportunities”, Tokyo, Japan (July 2013)

2013 HP South American Reseller Conference, “Hybrid Resellers – The Next Stage”, Orlando, Florida (June 2013)

2013 Photizo Group Transform Global 2103 Keynote, “The Next Stage of Services”, Scottsdale, AZ (May 2013)

2013 Document Strategy Forum, Keynote Speaker with Paul Brody of IBM, “Products to Services Transformation in B2B Electronics: Past, Present, and Future”, Greenwich, CT (April 2013)

2013 Document Strategy Forum, “Figuring Out Digital Workflow: Transforming Your Paper-Based Processes for the Digital Customer”, Greenwich, CT (April 2013)

2013 Canon Latin America Event, Keynote Speaker, “Managed Print Services: The New Profit Engine”, Panama City, Panama (March, 2013)

2013 ECG Year Start, “The European Transformation”, Brussels, Belgium (January, 2013)

2012 Dell Inspire, “The New Imaging Landscape”, London, United Kingdom (November, 2012)

2012 Office Products International Global Forum, “MPS- Does it Really Matter”, Chicago, IL (May, 2012)

2012 XChange Solution Provider– Keynote Speaker for MPS Bootcamp, Los Angeles, CA (March, 2012)

2011 Ricoh’s MDS Multi-City Tour, “Creating Compelling Results”, Phoenix, AZ (November, 2011)

2011 HP Partner Managed Document Solutions Forum, “Have You Got Game”, Orlando, FL (October, 2011)

2011 Ricoh’s MDS Multi-City Tour, “Creating Compelling Results,” Atlanta, GA (October, 2011)

2011 Imaging Channel Managed Print Summit, “The Building Blocks of MPS Success”, Las Vegas, NV (July, 2011)

2011 International Reprographic Association Annual Convention, “MPS-Why This is Key to the Growth of Your Firm”, Las Vegas, NV (April, 2011)

2010 Digital Gateway End User Conference, “Hybrid Dealerships – What Are They and How Do You Become One”, Salt City, Utah (September 2010)

2010 Office Ware CIO Briefing – Keynote Speaker, “The Facts Behind MPS”, Louisville, Kentucky (September 2010)

2010 MWA Intel Hybrid Dealer Summit – Featured Speaker, “MPS and Your Dealership, Thriving and Surviving”, Scottsdale Arizona (August 2010)

2010 Recharger World Expo, “MPS and You, The Keys to a Profitable Business”, Las Vegas, Nevada (July 2010)

2010 Ricoh Convergence 2010, “Building a Successful MPS Business”, Las Vegas, Nevada (June 2010)

2010 Everything Channel Midsize Enterprise (CXO) Summit East, “The Real Facts Behind MPS”, Ft. Lauderdale Florida (April 2010)

2010 Barclay’s Capital Investor Briefing, “MPS and the Imaging Industry, Implications for Financial Markets” (March 2010)

2010 ICON/Ricoh Solutions Conference, “MPS – Building The Case For Your Customers”, Daytona Beach Florida (April 2010)

2010 International Reprographics Association Conference, “What is a Hybrid Dealership, and Why is it Important to Your Business”, Palm Springs, California (February 2010)

2009 MWAintel Advisory Council, “Why MPS Will Change Your Business, and What You Need to do About It!”, Phoenix, AZ (December 2009)

2009 Smart Sourcing Summit, “What Managed Print Services Means To Your Business”, Chicago, IL (October 2009)

2009 CDA Meeting, “MPS – What It Means For Your Dealership”, San Diego, CA (July 2009)

2009 Recharge Expo, “The Growing Managed Print Services Market Opportunity”, Singapore (June 2009)

2009 ITEX Show, “The basics of Managed Print Services”, Las Vegas Nevada, (March 2009)

2009 Keynote Speaker – PrintFleet Road Show, “Building a  Hybrid Dealership”, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and San Diego, (March – June 2009)

2009 Featured Speaker – Lyra Symposium, “ Managed Print Services – Market Trends and Directions”, Palm Springs California, (February 2009)

Ed Crowley has spoken at over 50 events world wide,


 To Whom IT May Concern:

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ed as he joined us as a Keynote Luncheon speaker at our Structuring Competitive Intelligence Executive Summit, held in Naples, Florida. Ed contributed well beyond his requirements as a Keynote Speaker and made his presence known as a knowledgeable and experienced professional. We thoroughly enjoyed Ed’s participation and as a whole felt he truly embodied the definition of a Keynote Speaker. Ed was highly received at the event with a rating of 3.55 out of a 4.0 (Our average speaker rating is a 3.33).

As the Content Manager and Speaker recruiter for this event, I would like to invite Ed to join us again for our upcoming Product Development Executive Summit as a speaker. I feel his knowledge and experience will add a tremendous amount of value to our next Executive Summit.

I would highly recommend Ed for any future speaking opportunities.


Nina Davila
eBroadcast/Executive Summit Producer
Frost & Sullivan