Why would I pay for you to email me about industry news with Business Intelligence? How is this different than other free news services?

While these other services provide timely, relevant news from around the industry, Business Intelligence provides you access to expert analysis about what’s going on in our industry and what’s important to your customers. Getting news right in your inbox is interesting, but with Business Intelligence you have your own team of analysts analyzing industry developments, providing relevant data points not available in the news, and your own personal copy of our extensive product database.

Is Photizo a research, conference or publishing company?

We are all three! Photizo’s mission is to help clients navigate the changing MPS market, to act as a guide would in a foreign country. We use multiple tools to help clients and MPS professional. For clients who wish to experience the changing market up close and personal, find a forum of peers to network with and learn from, we facilitate them by providing MPS-focused educational events and conferences. We also publish the MPS Insights Journal as well as multiple online media sites covering the MPS industry. We use these tools to help communicate the industry changes, best practices and useful articles to MPS professionals. Finally, our first love–research. Photizo works hard to analyze and research the market, so that we may be able to provide the data and information to help our client’s create business strategies to maneuver in this new marketplace.

Why do your forecast numbers differ from competitors?

Photizo Group uses over 110 data sources covering all areas of the MPS Ecosystem to generate our market sizing and forecasting for the managed print services market. Some of the areas (and not limited) that we examine are:

  • Economic trends and factors
  • IT trends and factors
  • Software licenses for device management software
  • Data from our proprietary tracking studies in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Exclusive Photizo Group surveys of the IT VAR/reseller, copier dealer and office product channels

Having a team of senior consultants around the globe (America, Asia Pacific and Europe) also allows us to incorporate ground-level, first-hand insights from the market into our analysis. Various proprietary research projects, such as the penetration level of managed print services in distribution channels, reseller adoption rates, interest level of participants within the MPS Ecosystem also constitutes part of the indicators pool in our measurement.

Most importantly, our on-going surveys of corporate decision makers in Europe, North America and Asia provide us with on-going insights into the adoption rate of managed print services, what size of organizations are adopting managed print services, why they are adopting it, who they are selecting as managed print service vendors, and even if they are renewing their contracts with new or existing vendors. Photizo began conducting studies with corporate decision makers in early 2008 and today, surveys over 1,400 managed print services engagements every year.

As a result of all these multi-faceted input, we have a rich database of corporate decision-maker trends, demand factors and vendor performance results. This is the only study of its kind that has taken a holistic approach of looking at the complete ecosystem, and it provides us with a unique perspective into the managed print services market.

Is this grounds up approach better than relying upon vendor reported data (the standard approach for most research firms)?  Yes, we believe it is significantly better. At this stage, vendors define MPS differently, and subsequently they also have different methods in crediting their revenue from MPS engagements. This is very different from the traditional hardware or consumables sales data, hence relying upon vendor reported data will not be consistent as we determine the market size. Though Photizo’s approach is more time consuming and more expensive, we feel it is absolutely critical that we provide our clients with the best representation of this challenging and ever evolving market. Again, this can only be done by taking multiple snapshots of the entire ecosystem with a constant measurement of the market by our experienced senior consulting team.

Photizo’s holistic, bottoms-up approach to size the entire market (over 25 individual countries, with regional cuts and global) includes: centralized and decentralized fleets; engagements which are directly with the manufacturer and engagements which are through a reseller or dealer; the complete contract revenue stream including hardware, supplies, professional services, management services and software fees.

Do our numbers look different?  Absolutely, but we believe we have the most rigorous and sound methodology for measuring and tracking this complex, rapidly evolving market. In addition, we interject a business perspective in our analysis from our senior consultants, who all bring a rich experience, having been part of MPS transformation stories, and with a combined experience of over 150 years globally.

Our numbers should look different, and we are glad they do!

What is Photizo’s approach to measuring the MPS market?

We utilize the MPSA definition as the foundation for what we measure and forecast. We believe this means you must include all three stages in addition to including hardware, services, supplies and the software used to deliver the MPS solution (regardless of the stage). In addition, we take a holistic view and include both centralized and decentralized devices in our sizing and forecast.

Read a full explanation of our methodology here.

What differentiates Photizo from competitors?

Photizo is the only research and market intelligence firm to focus solely on the managed print services market. So, while some competitors may be wide, Photizo has unmatched depth in MPS market intelligence. Our consultants and analysts have more than 150 years of combined operational experience in the imaging industry. We have more full-time staff dedicated to studying and analyzing the MPS market than all of our competitors combined.

What is managed print services?

a) The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) defines managed print services as the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.

b) Managed print services is NOT a click-charge, click-charge with meter reading or a marketing sales program.

What does Photizo mean?

pronounced fo-tee-zo

Photizo is a Greek word meaning to enlighten, light up, illumine; to instruct, to inform; to give understanding to.

We strive to give understanding to and enlighten the managed print services industry, helping professionals navigate this changing and developing market place.

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