How we engage

Photizo believes in the power of advanced analytics and the ability to drive great efficiency for your business. It is this strong conviction that has driven us to offer this capability in a way that hasn’t been offered before. Typically, developing an advanced analytics solution required buying software, hiring and training staff, building and maintaining data storage and compute infrastructure and monitoring the solutions on an ongoing basis. While the benefits of this technology greatly outweigh the costs when implemented well, this is a very high cost, slow to market and high risk way of bringing the power of advanced analytics to bear.

Photizo has worked with partners to offer an industry leading advanced analytics platform powered by IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality. This is hosted on a private cloud and can be purchased on a utility model as a service. This means that the software, experienced analytics staff, and data storage and compute infrastructure is already taken care of. We can build your advanced analytics solution quickly, at a lower cost and with less risk. Once it’s built, we will monitor and maintain the solution and you pay us based on what you use.

To further reduce the risk for our clients, Photizo has developed a proprietary process for developing these solutions. It begins with determining the end goal or use case from the start and finishes with a proof of concept which is a working solution prior to full deployment. This process allows you to bring your solution up with minimal risk and reduced cost by having acceptance criteria that must be proven at each stage before moving to the next. If you have wanted to build an advanced analytics solution but have been deterred by the prospect of high cost, high risk, or long development cycle, it’s time to give us a call. Let our experts help you realize your advanced analytics goals.
Our client’s needs, budgets and capabilities vary enormously. With this in mind, Photizo offers a very flexible engagement model for advanced analytics. The three most common types of engagements include:
  1. Hosted Solution: Most of our client’s like working with Photizo because we offer the ability to bring an advanced solution to market quickly, with a lower level of investment, with less risk. We accomplish this by providing an end-to-end SaS offering. We develop the solution, deploy it on our cloud environment, and maintain the solution on an ongoing basis – all while offering this holistic offering for a monthly utility-based pricing model.
  2. On Premise Solution: Some of our clients have already made investments in data storage infrastructure or other analytics technology. If you want to leverage your current investment while utilizing our experienced team to develop, test, and deploy your advanced analytics solutions on your premises – we can also engage this way.
  3. Advanced Analytics Consulting: If you are exploring advanced analytics and would like some expert input – we’re here to help. Whether you are exploring your data to see what possible or working to develop a solution and would like input on best practices – our experienced staff is available to help you through this process and to prevent costly missteps.

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