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Xerox discusses how its devices benefit SMBs

Published in The Recycler OEM lists factors SMBs should consider when choosing a printer and the benefits its printers can bring to them. Ann Priede, Vice President, Publications and Services at Photizo Group, shares her thoughts on the new WorkCentre 6605 and Phaser 6600.


Why Most Dealers Don’t Do MPS Right

Written by Scott Cullen for ENX Magazine Is it true that most dealers don’t do MPS right? To be honest, that’s an exaggeration, but the reality is that many dealers are still struggling with MPS even as others have it all figured out. Ken Stewart with Photizo Group references how the Photizo channel research (Hybrid […]


Eight Companies to Watch in 2013

By: Scott Cullen, for The Week in Imaging I think we can all agree that the imaging and office technology industry is a volatile business. You’ve got big players, small players, and those in between. For all of them and the industry, things here are changing and evolving all the time. Round and round and round […]


Kodak to quit making its desktop inkjet printers; 200 more to lose jobs

Written by Matthew Daneman, Eastman Kodak Co., struggling with a film business on the skids, pumping billions into new enterprises that hopefully would become its future and saddled with huge retiree expenses, had a plan. File for bankruptcy and use the protection of Chapter 11 as an opportunity to shed a lot of those […]


MPS: A Tipping Point for 2013?

by: The Motley Fool Managed Print Services (MPS) has emerged as a new and effective approach for improving the productivity and reducing printing costs for organizations. I was reading this report, from Photizo Group, which gives an interesting depiction (figure below) on how the market share of Managed Printing Services is going to rise in the coming […]


Canon establishes new MPS Accreditation scheme for Partners

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 7th November, 2012 – Canon, world leader in imaging solutions, today announces an extension to its pan-European Partner Programme with the launch of a new Managed Print Services Accreditation scheme. Building on Canon’s Partner Programme, launched in early 2011, the new MPS Accreditation scheme will be rolled out across Europe […]


MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 250, a list of the top managed services provider (MSP) experts, entrepreneurs and executives. The MSPmentor 250 helps you to rapidly build a Rolodex of MSP leaders from across the globe. Now, onto the list. MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name S [Includes Photizo's Ken Stewart, director of MPS Advisory Service]


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