Managed Print Services Program Transformation

Photizo’s Managed Print Service Transformation Program is designed to answer the tough questions for those dealers truly invested in having a successful managed print service (MPS) program.

This is not another training program for someone just getting their feet wet in MPS. Photizo measures your business across eight keystones, and customizes a roadmap to your individual success. The program is customizable to your needs and designed to accelerate your success.

Comprehensive Managed Print Services Consulting

Photizo Group has developed a 4-part, comprehensive Managed Print Services Program Transformation engagement, helping you:

  • Drive profitability
  • Increase overall revenue opportunity
  • Deliver increased value to customers
  • Secure competitive advantage in your market

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1) Benchmarking Analysis

Measure your business against the best in the business, establishing a foundation to build a strong managed print services program. In comparing your program to industry leaders, through the Leaders Index for MPS Channel Providers, and the MPS Provider Scorecard, targeted growth areas are identified within your organization.


  • Understanding of what drives a successful managed print services program with over 450 metrics
  • Full analysis of your organization, including:
    • Financial performance
    • Team structure
    • Sales metrics
    • Service statistics
Is your MPS business healthy?

Research is nice, but you have to execute to win in today’s market! Take the Rapid Assessment and Measurement Profile, and ensure your program is optimized for maximum effectiveness.


2) POWRR Assessment™

Develop a highly targeted roadmap to success for your managed print services program. Measured performance metrics are combined with eight key success metrics, and tied to financial performance.


  • Measurement and analysis of your current managed print business
  • Gauge readiness and effectiveness across 4-stages of managed print services
  • Develop customized program action plans


3) Success Academy

Leverage hands-on workshops to aid learning, retention, and execution. Multiple workshop formats are available to best align with your organization’s unique program.

Workshop Options

  • Business Success Workshop: Designed to aid executives in identifying fundamental business requirements in a successful managed print services program.
  • Sales Success Workshop: Instill the fundamental knowledge necessary in high-value consultative selling, and drive higher sales success with your program.
  • Managed Print Services Success Mentoring: Guidance in real-world execution of your managed print services program. Customized executive, sales, and operations options available.


4) MPS Provider Certification™

Leverage independent, third-party certification, and build trust in your customers’ eyes. Certification differentiates your program with vetted, expert backed security.


  • Competitive advantage through differentiation
  • Increased customer trust

Schedule your Managed Print Program Transformation engagement today, and start securing emerging opportunity with an industry-leading MPS program.

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