White Papers

What’s 5% Worth?: The Case for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics presents vast opportunity in leveraging big data to provide proactive solutions, rather than reactive. But how big is this opportunity? And is it right for my business? Find out here.

A CXO’s Guide to Managed Print Services

How to achieve the trifecta of corporate benefits: saving money, saving time, and saving the environment. View the document here.

Photizo 2014 Forecast Methodology, Hardware and Supplies

Photizo collects data from multiple sources to provide an historical background for printer and supplies shipments and revenue. Industry trends are also a major factor in developing the forecast, and economic trends are monitored for any significant changes that may portend opportunity or difficulties for the printer and supplies market.  Click here to download Photizo’s updated forecast methodology document.

Advanced Document Services: Moving Beyond MPS White Paper

Regardless of your organization’s size, shape, or go-to-market strategy, evolving to meet your customers’ needs is a top priority. Many firms have found that strategically outsourcing print and document services continues to drive value to the bottom and top lines of their business. With this continued realization, managed print services (MPS) has continued to grow and evolve. Photizo’s Expanded Customer Adoption Model has evolved to reflect these changes as well; the MPS continuum, originally developed years ago, now expresses Stages 3 and 4 more discreetly as Advanced Document Services (ADS). View this document here.

Photizo By the Numbers

What is the state of the imaging industry market in 2013? This document provides a look at key data points from the global imaging market, managed print services (MPS), mobility in small and medium-size businesses, and market leading MPS providers. View this document here.

HP Announces New MPS Partner Program

On June 10, 2013, HP announced an enhancement to its MPS Partner Program.  Click here to view the slide deck from the webinar led by Photizo thought leaders analyzing the impact of this announcement.

Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8: Category-Leading PDF Software Rates ‘Best Buy’

Nuance commissioned this white paper to review the capabilities of Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8, compare this solution to Adobe Acrobat XI, and understand the document management needs of users and how Nuance’s PDF Converter Enterprise 8 is meeting them. Click here to register and receive the white paper.

Why Use a Specialty Firm?

As the founder of a very focused, specialty market intelligence and consulting firm in the imaging and digital workflow industry, I am frequently asked why a client should chose Photizo Group over one of the larger, cross-technology firms such as IDC, Gartner Group, or Forrester Research, or generic consulting firms such as Bain or McKinsey. While these firms can clearly offer a broader breadth of coverage than a specialty firm, there are many good reasons for working with a specialty or boutique firm. The purpose of this white paper is to highlight the advantages clients will find in working with a boutique or specialty firm, regardless of the industry it covers. I will address several key advantages, including industry insight and experience, focus, shared risk, flexibility, instant scalability, integrity, and empathy. View the document here.

The Services-Led Business Opportunity: A Guide to Considerations, Cautions, and Conditions

Companies in the imaging industry have been shifting toward a services-oriented business model for several years. Services-led companies (SLCs) and product-led companies (PLCs) both sell products. The difference between the two is that SLCs lead with a service—and may or may not combine a product with the service—and the product may or may not be one they manufacture. View the document here.

POWRR Assessment Unlocks Woodhull’s True Potential

This case study examines how Woodhull’s completion of Photizo’s POWRR Assessment, a thorough assessment consisting of data collection, surveys, and interviews with multiple team members all providing insight into the entire business process. Upon completion, Photizo Group was able to diagnose Woodhull’s MPS readiness, benchmark its performance against industry standards, and deliver an MPS Success Roadmap. This detailed report provided statistics on the status of the company’s program and specific recommendations on how to better achieve its goals and maximize investments. View the document here.

Customer Experience Research: HP LaserJet Users Who Have Used Non-HP Toner Cartridges

This study was commissioned by HP to examine the experiences of 2,100 monochrome and Color LaserJet business users in seven separate countries in Europe and in the United States. A total of 300 participants in each of seven countries in Europe participated in this study. Participants were drawn from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Poland and Turkey. In order to qualify for participation in this study, users must have had to have experience using both non-HP cartridges as well as Original HP toner cartridges in their LaserJet printers. This was required so that users would be in the best position to make comparative judgments about the performance of each cartridge type. Overall, the research found that users are far more likely to encounter problems when using non-HP cartridges instead of Original HP cartridges. The study also confirmed that both the frequency and the relative severity of problems encountered are greater when using non-HP cartridges. View the North American Version here. View the European document here. 

HP Authorized Service Provider Research

Photizo Group surveyed 100 technicians and managers at HP Authorized Service Provider (ASP) locations in the United States that provide off-site and on-site service to HP monochrome and HP Color LaserJet printer customers. The service providers were asked to compare their overall experience servicing HP LaserJet printers equipped with non-HP toner cartridges to their experience servicing HP LaserJet printers using Original HP toner cartridges. The survey also included questions about ASPs’ attitudes and preferences concerning non-HP versus Original HP toner cartridges. View the document here.

State of the Global MPS Market

This white paper was developed for IT professionals, combining research from two studies to determine the current state of the MPS market. The paper defines managed print services, while giving an overview of the marketplace and a thorough conclusion. View the document here.