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Photizo Group services are tailored to fit your business’s unique needs.  You can leverage our market intelligence, data driven insights, and multi-industry expertise to drive growth by making smarter business decisions with optimized strategy, enhanced knowledge, and value-added guidance. Unlike any other company, we offer direct access to our analysts to answer your questions and help you assess and adjust as the industry changes. Review our areas of expertise below and contact us to learn how Photizo Group can assist you.

Areas of Expertise

  • Imaging Industry: Hardware, Supplies, Managed Print Services, and Digital Workflow
  • 3D Printing
  • Value Creation For Manufacturers

Imaging Industry

Managed Print Services: We provide essential insights for the managed print services market to aid our clients in product and business planning, business development, market research, and sales and marketing.

Hardware: We examine digital output devices in home office to enterprise markets to analyze hardware products, market trends, and emerging opportunities to provide clients with thorough, actionable industry perspectives.

Supplies: We analyze the imaging supplies market, including OEM and aftermarket ink, toner, and media to give clients the insights to make informed, strategically sound business decisions in a rapidly changing supplies market.

Digital Workflow: We provide clients with objective, deep analysis regarding the rate at which the market is shifting from paper to digital, including drivers and impediments to change, how competitors are reacting to, or even driving change, and what this means to your business.

Visit our Imaging Practice page for more information about available services.

3D Printing

We leverage our dedicated market intelligence in an emerging market to give you actionable insights. Our 3D printing service is geared to show you how this emerging technology is disrupting the imaging industry, how that disruption is affecting the market, and what that means for your business. We show you how to capitalize on newfound opportunity and connect with revenue that drives higher profits. Visit our 3D Printing page for more information about available services.

Value Creation For Manufacturers

The transformation of product-led to service-led business models reaches far beyond the imaging industry alone. The added value of service components to product delivery, known as value creation, has become a critical practice in the industry of business-to-business manufacturing. We are now working with many Fortune 500 companies that are building strong service businesses that drive more than 50 percent of their revenue through services. Visit our Value Creation for Manufacturers page for more information about available services.

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